Beep Test Watch

Challenge yourself with the ultimate fitness test on Apple Watch and iPhone.

A beep test is a 20m shuttle run and is based on the timings first described by Luc L├ęger. Starting at 8.0 km/h and increasing by 0.5 km/h roughly every minute. It is an awesome way of testing your cardio fitness out, and working out what your VO2 max is.

When you press start you immediately begin the beep test symbolised by a sound and haptics on your Apple Watch.

Beep Test Watch was designed with haptics in mind and vibrates differently to indicate a level increase.

The app will also track your heart rate, active energy and cardio fitness level (VO2 Max) then create a new workout in Apple Health, so you don’t have to start a workout at the same time.

The total time, level and distance will update as you run. A V02 Max calculation will also be shown.

Your test history will be saved to your device and iCloud account so you can compare your previous attempts and see your progress over time. We also show you your average heart for each completed test.

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